Finally you have your beautiful handpan. You want to keep it beautiful so you need to take care of it.

Don’t keep your handpan in the sun.
When you play outside on warm sunny days play in the shade.

Store your handpan.
on a dry place outside the bag/case. If there is some moisture inside the bag/case, it can not go out and can affect the handpan and cause oxidation on the instrument. 

If you travel with the handpan.
It would be best to use a little thin layer of oil on the handpan. Take a look at ‘Ballistol or Froglube’.

The worst place for your handpan is the beach or close at sea. There is a lot of microscopic salt in the air which is really bad for your handpan. If you go to the sea anyway prepare your handpan with a good layer of oil. When storing your handpan after you visited the sea:

Clean your instrument

Only clean the outside not the inside.

1. with a little water and dishwashersoap on a microfibercloth,
2 micro fiber with some water to get rid of the dishwasher/water.
3 Use a dry micro fibre to dry of your instrument.
4. Rub a thin layer of oil with a micro fiber.

Rust can happen. If you totally want to avoid it, always keep your handpan oiled, inside and outside.