Ivar karm


Sergio Huerta & Jordi Cantos

Sergio is a handpan street musician in Mallorca for six years. Since May 2016 Sergio plays together with Jordi Cantos who plays for five years now.
They compose their own songs which they play on several places around the beautiful island.
Together with Jesse they help to develop instruments which are needed to have more freedom in composing songs.

“It’s important as a builder to discuss with players what could be done to make the instruments better playable thinking about ergonomics of the human body and versatility concerning which notes to add to an instrument.”

At the moment they are recording an album of there songs produced by Jesse.

Jordi & Sergio

Mark den Breeje

Mark loves to play the handpan in the streets to raise the vibration in
the city and to connect with people who are attracted by the beautiful
almost unearthy sounds from the instrument. Also Mark inserts the
handpan as a music therapist, to make the clients more relaxed. He
loves the feel and sound of the handpan, and the capability to
combine it with cajon, didgeridoo and improvised singing. He is also
recording with the handpan and uses it as an addition to his original
songs and a yoga-CD.


Jean-Matthieu Bourgeot

In his free time, Jean-Matthieu is a passionate handpan player from France who discovered these magical instruments in 2014. Since then, he regularly plays in public and takes part in various artistic projects with people met along the way. One day he stumbled on the sound of a very specific F major Pentatonic Godan handpan created by Jesse Smits and entered in contact with him. Being deeply interested in all aspects of building and creation process of these sound sculptures they got to know each other through this common passion.

“I am very much enjoying Jesse’s approach to building handpans where he keeps exploring new techniques and pushes the limits of what is supposed not to work as well as being keen to customizing instruments for their future owners giving them optimum playing ergonomy. He follows his intuition and ends up creating very unique sound sculptures.”

Jean-Matthieu composes his songs mostly by letting his feelings and mind speaks to his hands.
You can listen to his music on Bandcamp here: http://pantam.fr/ and watch his handpan videos here: http://handpanmusic.fr/
Here is an exploration video he made with his F major Pentatonic Godan:


Filippo Pigiani

Filippo from Italy, Musician and Suonoterapeuta studies and plays with various vibrational instruments including the handpan to amplify the emotions of the listener and helping them regain their wellbeing.